Nancy's Venting Blog

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trying to keep my spirits up...

First of all my store on eBay is shrinking...why?...because i cant afford to make anymore collage sheet copies for one....2. I dont have the funds to mail them anyways. I refuse to give up though and will continue with my ACEO' least till i run out of stamps.

We are completely broke! Oh except the small jar of pennies at my bedside.....ugh! I just dont know what else to do....My hubby is furiously looking for work from sun up til sundown and nothing....and they only way he can do that is from his computer....not enough gas in our vehicle to do a physical search....

The churches dont have any sources what so ever...a couple weeks ago a town nearby had a fire in a plastics company which gave off toxic fumes to the residents there....and were evacuated till they could clean it up....during that time they cleaned out our churches and other food banks and topped off DSS's funds to where there is nothing left for locals.....this sucks I tell ya.. I mean I feel for them ppl who had to leave their homes and flee to our town for help....we are just screwed royal here......

Another main website is closing down....have to cant afford the extra to keep it running and the ebay store too.....I suppose when things are back to normal I can again open my website....hey at least i will have time to redesign it lol

DSS still hasnt sent us our food card....we might have enough to last a couple days....but i will do without so that my children are fed. Eh I could stand to lose a few pounds lol....

Ok I am done bitching and moaning!


Friday, July 07, 2006


Well! THAT didn't take long!!! The visit with state help! What a joke! My hubby has 0 income at the moment! My children only receive close to $300.00US a month total for child support...for financial help....they want to take the child support and give me $100.00US to live on for a month! Now tell me! How is that right! That don't add up and sure don't even come close to paying last months rent and this months rent $1200.00 and other bills!

I have been maintaining composure these last few weeks....trying to be the strong one holding the family together.....I broke down and sobbed like a baby in their office! The lady got up and went out of the office to bring me back a tissue!!!!!! WTH Offering a tissue to someone their way of telling ya to shut the hell up I don't wanna hear it! I am so lost here! And anything I make selling my art will only cover a portion of overdrafts in our bank!!! ARRRRRRRRGH!!!

Dear God what more do I need to do???!!!!!


Finally A Place for me to vent!

After visiting a blog sista's blog I discovered she has a separate blog just to vent...I thought it was a good idea for me to do the same! That way it is not mishmashing with my art blog!

Today my family are going to get for help with food and bills...UGH...It was a last resort...and I have been holding off as long as I can....We have been trying as hard as we can on our own to make ends meet, but it was just getting to the point we couldn't do it alone. I have made copies of damn thing that they might need. I really don't know what to expect to happen and I am just trying to stay postive that we can get a little help to get us thru.. It is so hard to stay postive all the time! But if I give up I am not only giving up on myself but on my family as well.

I want to take time to apologize for pushing sales on my other is a must right now. Just hope all my blog sista's will just ignore it lol....I don't like being pushy! When things get tough I get tougher. And a pain to deal with!

Seems like everyone is going thru all sorts of trials right now...God is testing us! And doing a mighty fine job at it! I try to keep in mind God helps those who help themselves. God knows I am not going to give up hope! But how much more does he want from me! What more do I need to be doing?! I know the answers are there...I just have to find them...Usually the answers are right under our noses or we had thought it or wrote it out...We often answer our own questions which in turn means Gods answer. Time for me to figure out what I am not doing and JUST DO IT!